Staff at Gorsewood:


Mrs J Gregg (Headteacher)

Miss E Jackson (Assistant Head KS2) & Mrs C Warner (Assistant Head KS1)

Class Teams

Year R:            Mrs Warner supported by Mrs Smith & Mrs Ainsworth

Year 1:            Mrs Chorlton supported by Mrs Hone, Mrs Townsend 

Year 2:            Miss Oakley supported by Miss Jones & Miss Winrow

Year 3:            Mrs Westwood supported by Miss Kirby & Mrs Coxon

Year 4:            Mrs Farmer (Miss Harrison) & Mrs Ridgway supp by Mrs Sturge

Year 5:            Mrs Simmons supported by Mrs J Marsh, Mrs Hammond & Miss Wogan

Year 6:            Miss Jackson & Miss Ward supp by Mrs Stephen, Mrs Marsh and Mr Weldon

Intervention:  Miss K Gleave


Mrs Westwood is our SENCO here at Gorsewood and is the first point of contact for any special educational needs and disability information. 

Mrs Westwood can be contacted at

In Mrs Westwood absence Kelly Crofton (SENCO Support) can also be contacted on the above email.


Mrs Williams, Mrs S Marsh & Mrs Newby (Nurture)

Jane Rostance (FSW) & Viv Kay (School Counsellor)

Other Staff

Office:             Miss S Jackson

Caretaker:       Mr A Ayres

Drama:            Rebecca McGowan

Music:             Andrea Price

Sports:            Premier Sports

S&L:                Carole Howes

Catering:         Mrs B Wright, Mrs D Jones