Year 2 2021 - 2022

Miss Oakley


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We have got a busy Summer term ahead of us.

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Summer Term

This term we will begin our topic of 'Where in the world are we?' and 'Significant People'- the history of Rosa Parks and Emily Davison for our Significant Peope focus and geography focus of a comparrison between Runcorn and Kenya in Africa. We are going to explore these topics across our curriculum subjects. Discussing our ideas and recording them in a variety of ways. More information to follow regarding this so watch this space...

In English we will continue exploring our Read Write Inc scheme  and apply this to a variety of writing tasks completed across our curriculum subjects. Tasks such as story writing, report writing, recount writing, information texts and poetry. Extending this further into the Literacy and Language scheme and Creative Writing.

In Maths we will continue our exploration of our number system - developing and enhancing our problem solving and reasoning skills through ' Mastery Maths'. We will extend our use of the numberline and various other ways of recording 'our working' (column method) to help us with our + and - . Linking these building skills to multiplication, division, fractions, money, time and measures. Any extra work you can do at home with your son/daughter will support their learning enormously.

In Science we will be exploring our topics of Living things and their habitats -  around the world and Animals Including Humans - diet,health and growth. Linking these to our topic work where relevant.  We will also be 'working scientifically' asking and investigating answers to a variety of questions. 


Our PE lessons are on a Monday and a Friday. This terms focus is Athletics. Your son/daughter can come to school in their kit (and remain in this for the days duration). If they are bringing their bag in these will be returned home at the end of the PE days to be washed. They won't be left in school on pegs as previously done.

We will also undertake the 'Golden Mile' Track task each day to support our PE lesson and fitness. This does not need to be done in PE kit.

As the weather can be cool at this time of year I would aim to keep a pair of track suit pants or leggins in your bag for those outdoor lessons just incase it's a little chilly!

Talk Homework/SATs prep

Our talk homework/work activity will come home on a Friday via a workbook. Please return it by Thursday of the following week so a new piece can be added ready for you and your son/daughter to complete together. The work can be submitted as a written or printed document/collage/photo/post-it-note mind map or a combination of these mediums.There are also weekly spellings on our google classroom to learn ahead of a test each Friday.

Throughout the week extra little challenges will also appear on the Google Classroom so keep checking - these will be linked to work/activities we are currently exploring in class.

We will continue to change reading books daily when they are returned to school ( we will need to wipe these books down before returning and changing so the process may be delayed by 1 day possibly). If we don't see a written comment in the diary we will assume the text hasn't been read yet.

Please keep using and checking the websites I've listed to help your son/daughters journey towards their SATs in May.


Useful Websites

Written below are some web addresses for sites we use regulary in class to support your childs learning.

Try them at home they are lots of fun!         (SPAG Monsters) 

Lots of information about our school day and what went well is sent out on Marvellous Me, so make sure you have the app downloaded to keep in touch with us during the day! We will also try to keep you up-to-date with all that is going on in our class on Twitter, so keep an eye out for us there too. 


Miss Oakley, Mrs Townsend & Miss Yesilyurt





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