School Council

Meet Our School Counsellors

Representing Reception from year 6: Ashlea and Leo

Year 1: Logan and Elle

Year 2 : Miya and Kaia

Year 3: Isabelle and Izzy

Year 4: Kacey and Ava

Year 5: Jacob and Millie

Year 6: Freya and Finlay

We have had a busy year so far. We continue to be mindful of our plastic waste and have made possitive changes.  All children have been given a reusable waterbottle, the single use plastic waterbottles will soon be a thing of the past! Our bagels are no longer covered in clingfilm. Bev, our school cook, is on board.

Our class friends asked us for a storage space for our packed lunch bags. Mr Ayres has been very busy and has made  us the best storage ever! Thank you Mr Ayres.

We have all been trained on mental health, we look forward to our whole school assembly when we can spead the word on how to support each other. 

Wearing our 'school council' lanyards with 'good manners' raffle tickets in the wallet is great! Gorsewood pupils have the best manners and we enjoy handing out raffle tickets daily. Our smart, new badges let all children know that we are the pupil voice.