School Council

Meet Our School Counsellors

Year 1: Hannah and Jenson

Year 2 : Sam and Ava

Year 3: Mason and Kyra

Year 4: Zoe and James

Year 5: Ellis and Taylor

Year 6: Kaylem and Phoebe

Plastic pollution has a huge impact on our planet, in particular in our seas and oceans. Our school counsellors have been trying to reduce the use of single use plastics in our school. They have raised money to buy every child an extended use plastic water bottle. They have also donated £189.60 to 'Stick N Step' which is a charity supporting children with cerebral palsey. 

We are pleased to have raised £662 from our own clothes day and sponsored walk/run. Thanks to all our fund raisers, and a huge thanks to Lenny in reception who raised an impressive £105! Hope you enjoy your gift from Gorsewood and have welcomed 'Lenny the monkey' into your home.