School Governors

The governing body of a school is responsible for ensuring that pupils receive high quality education and that the conduct of the school reflects this aim.

The governors work as a team with the head teacher in the whole strategic planning and management of the school. Their responsibilities include consideration and agreement of the aims and policies of the school, discussion and approval of the targets for improvement, appointment of staff, setting and monitoring the budget, monitoring the performance of the school and reporting to the parents and community on how they have accomplished their tasks.

Governors are the link between the school and the community and representatives of all those with an interest in the well-being and reputation of the school are needed.  They are a vital part of our team.

The constitution of the Governing Body is shown below:

  • Head x 1

  • Parents x 3

  • LA x 1

  • Staff Governors x 1

  • Co-Opted x 5

  • Associate x 1

The full governing body meets once a term, with its committees also meeting as often as required.

Gorsewood Primary School Governor Details
Governor Position Category Responsibilities Term Exp
Christine Owens Chair Co-Opted Educational Visits, Child Protection, Safer Recruitment 12.11.2017
Mark Dennett  Vice Chair LA Training & Support 31.08.2018
Carole Howard Governor Co-Opted   12.11.2017
Lesley Cox  Governor Co-Opted   12.11.2017
Jill Caddick Governor Parent Children & Young People in Care 17.03.2019
Kelli Clucas Governor Parent   17.03.2019
Matthew Willcott  Governor Parent   10.06.2018
Nicola Carney  Governor Co-Opted SRE 12.11.2017
Janette Gregg  Governor Staff  Mathematics, Safer Recruitment -
Emma Jackson  Governor Associate Literacy -
Sylvia Newby  Governor Staff  SEN, Health & Safety 08.03.2019
Leigh Thompson Governor Co-Opted   11.11.2018
David Jameson Governor Co-Opted   18.01.2020


Gorsewood Primary School Governor Committees
Governor Curriculum Premises Finance Pupil Discipline Personnel Personnel Appeals Staff Dismissal Staff Dismissal Appeals
Christine Owens Y Y Y Y Y   Y  
Mark Dennett  Y Y Y Y   Y   Y
Carole Howard Y Y Y Y Y   Y  
Lesley Cox  Y Y            
Jill Caddick Y Y            
Kelli Clucas                
Matthew Willcott  Y Y Y          
Nicola Carney  Y Y       Y   Y
Janette Gregg  Y Y Y   Y   Y  
Emma Jackson  Y Y            
Sylvia Newby  Y Y            
Leigh Thompson Y         Y   Y
David Jameson                


Gorsewood Primary School - Governance,  Business & Financial Interests
Governor Interest Declared Nature of Business Nature of Interest Date
Christine Owens No      
Mark Dennett  No      
Carole Howard No      
Lesley Cox  No      
Jill Caddick No      
Kelli Clucas No      
Matthew Willcott  No      
Nicola Carney  No      
Janette Gregg  Yes Crown Discount Furniture Sister In Law (Director) 16.11.2016
Emma Jackson  No      
Sylvia Newby  No      
Leigh Thompson No      
David Jameson No      


Gorsewood Primary School Governor Attendance - Academic Year 2016/2017
Governor Number of Full GB Meetings Held Meetings Attended Attendance Rate
Christine Owens 1 1 100%
Mark Dennett  2 1 50%
Carole Howard 2 2 100%
Lesley Cox  2 0 0%
Jill Caddick 2 0 0%
Kelli Clucas 2 1 50%
Matthew Willcott  2 2 100%
Nicola Carney  2 1 50%
Janette Gregg  2 2 100%
Emma Jackson  2 2 100%
Sylvia Newby  2 2 100%
Leigh Thompson 2 1 50%
David Jameson 1 1 100%
      As at 16.03.2017