Shining Stars & Attendance Assembly

Here ar Gorsewood we are very proud of all our pupils. Each week in shining stars assembly we take time to celebrate their good manners, hard work and achievement.  Check our gallery each week to find out who has impressed us. 

Mrs Gregg also keeps us up to date with our attendance and the race for the trophy. 

This week's winners are:

KS1 PAWs: Year 2 with 99.29%

KS2 PAWs: Year 4 with 99.09%

Punctuality Award:  Years 1 and reception with 1 late  

Race for the Trophy-Whole School attendance is currently at 95.07%

Our current leader is Year 4, but there is plenty of time for everybody else to catch up! 

First Place Year 4 100%
  Reception 100%
Third Place Year 3 96.67%
Fourth Place Year 1 94.44%
Fourth Place Year 6 93.45%
Sixth Place Year 5 93.21%
Seventh Place Year 2 92.86%

Our final job of the assembly is to draw a winner from the good manners raffle box. This week's winner is Jamie Leigh from year 2.