Science Week at Gorsewood

This year, Gorsewood celebrated British Science Week in style - by getting messy!! 

KS1 had a poo-themed week including exploring animals' diets and how this would affect their waste. They even "made" some very realistic poos to show what they'd learned (see attached images for evidence!). As well as this, KS1 had some fantastic sensory sessions and were able to link many of their activities with literacy, maths and, of course, art! 

KS2 worked with a 'living things' theme:  Amongst a variety of activities, we made some simple bird feeders out of materials, used a simple salt dough recipe to make dinosaur fossils, and used recycled materials to construct the life cycle of a frog! 

The children also participated in a "scientist" hunt and learned about many inventions/discoveries which have shaped our world today. 

We were successful in engaging many of our parents through a hands-on workshop whereby staff and pupils modelled simple investigative activities suitable for at home. Some of these included making mini lava lamps and mixing deliciously smelly play dough. 

Staff, pupils and parents experienced a fantastic week, full of practical, fun and messy investigations! Roll on next March...