World Book Day

Date: 3rd Mar 2016 @ 11:40am

As part of our World Book Day festivities why don't you tell us what book you are reading at the moment. 

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Staff wrote:

Miss Piper wrote:

I am about to start reading 15th Affair by James Patterson. I don't get as much time as I would like to read, but I know that once I start this book, I won't be able to put it down. James Patterson is one of my favourite authors and I think I now own more than 30 of his books.

Mrs Smith wrote:

I have been reading Things My Sister. This is a very good book and I enjoy reading it.


Miss bebbington has been reading fantastic mr fox with her class miss bebbington loves the way Roald Dahl describes the farmers.

Viv wrote:

Thorn Berts Case, it is a gripping story.

Miss Winrow wrote:

I am reading The BFG. I like this book reminds me of being a child.

Miss Bebbington wrote:

Mister Stink because it makes me laugh.

Mrs Westwood wrote:

I am currently re-reading "The Time Travellers Wife" which is one of my favourite books as I love the idea of Time Travelling.

Dr Who-estwood!

Mrs Chorlton wrote:

I'm reading The Subtle Knife (the sequel to The Golden Compass, you may have seen the film), I started listening to it as an audio book years ago on a car journey, but the journey was over before the story! I'm so excited to be finally getting to the end.

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Parents wrote:

Sarah wrote:

Roll of thunder here me cry emerkin period

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Year 6 wrote:

Wendy Kelley wrote:

I am reading girl online on tour. It is a good book so far! I'm so interested in this masterpiece! It is by a girl called Zoe Sugg (a youtuber). It is about a girl that had panic attacks, but she found a way to get through the panick attacks. It all started by a car crash...

Alice Willcott wrote:

I am not reading any books ,however I would love to read the amazing Book , The Book Theif!

Macey wrote:

Although I do not particularly know the author of my favourite book,'Alice in wonderland' is still one of my favourite books, despite that I don't have it at home I can still read it in school, which I am at the moment. This is my favourite book because I love the way excitement invades me!

Freya wrote:

I am reading dairy of a wimpy kid at home.

Sophie wrote:

I am reading Story of Tracey Beaker. I like this because it is all about children.

Harvey and Jack H wrote:

Harvey is reading horrible histories and Jack is reading the week junior

Libbie wrote:

I have read the first two books of Harry Potter (Harry Potter and the philosophers stone and Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets) and now I am on Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban

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Year 5 wrote:

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Year 4 wrote:

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Year 3 wrote:

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Year 2 wrote:

Jack wrote:

I'm reading horrible history book. It's really funny and I really like history.

Cienna wrote:

I am reading that's not my hobby. It is really funny.

Summer wrote:

I'm reading Romeo and Juliet. I really like this book because it's funny.

Kian wrote:

I am reading Gogs Soup. It is a fun book.

Abbigail wrote:

I'm reading Cinderella its really fun two read.I like the part were Cinderella turns into a princess.

Jessica wrote:

I am reading Bossy bakes. The book is quite exiting.

Lacie wrote:

I'm reading Rosie the witch. I find really good and funny.

Millie wrote:

I am reading Chocolate Chip Muffins. This book is exiting.

Lille wrote:

I'm reading little red riding hood at home. I find it interesting.the best part is when limit,e red riding hoods nan get eatin.

Joseph wrote:

I am reading it's not my hoppy. It is really funny.

Grace wrote:

I'm reading think Again.its is really funny.

Adam wrote:

I am reading cheese and tomato spider. It is extremely funny.

David wrote:

I'm reading macklery. It is my favourite book. It's really funny.

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Year 1 wrote:

Eathen wrote:

I am reading George and the dragon. I think the book is good because there is a knight in shiny armour.

Ollie wrote:

I am reading horrid Henry and the demon dinner lady. I think it is good and boring at the same time . It's good because Henry is a pack lunch and I think it is boring because it has not got many words in it.

Grace wrote:

I am reading frozen. I like this book because all of the characters are amazing.

James wrote:

I am reading superworm. This is my favourite book because super worm is really long and strong. My favourite bit is when the crow gets Superworm.

Micky wrote:

I am reading horrid Henry. I like this book because it's got lots of pranks and it is brilliant. My best part is when Henry turns into a dinosaur.

Brandon wrote:

My favourite book is the gingerbread man. I like reading it because the ginger man is fast and he always says" run run you can't catch me because I'm the gingerbread man!"

Josh wrote:

I am reading snow bear. I like this book because I like the bear. My favourite bit is when is when the bear wheat down the hill.

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Reception wrote:

Reception wrote:

As a whole class they have been reading, where the wild things are. Also there favourite part of the book is when a character call Max is a very naughty boy, and throws toilet paper every where. Also they a still reading this book.

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