The Danny Project

Date: 22nd May 2018 @ 9:53am

Year 4 has been incredibly fortunate to be involved in Halton Schools Project: The Daniel Adamson. This project raises awareness of our heritage and local history, as well as giving our children the opportunity to explore - and cruise along on - the last steam engine boat of its kind. The story of The Danny is quite remarkable...

The Danny is over 100 years old! However, it was destroyed through water and fire damage and was destined for scrap. Miraculously, a group of local volunteers came together to salvage what was left of the vessel and restore it to its original beautiful state. 

It is difficult to believe that the boat has been restored, as many parts of it are EXACTLY as they were back in the early 20th century. 

Join us on our Danny journey and watch this space for updates! 

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Miss Harrison wrote:

2 weeks ago, I went on a pre-visit to the Albert Dock to check our beautiful transportation for our upcoming cruise! I was completely blown away by The Danny and learned so much about its history. I also participated in some art workshops which I am certain our class are going to absolutely love!

Since then, we've had Bernie and Cathriona (from The Danny) come and visit our children at Gorsewood and share some artefacts, as well as stories, songs and archives, from The Danny. We had a lovely day and are really excited to meet Frank the diver today :) Check out the gallery for our photos so far!

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kadie kirkham wrote:

I can't wait for the danny trip on Thursday.

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Keira wrote:

Hi miss harrison I went on the Danny project on Saturday it was funder and I reAlyth hope every one will like it by x

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Keira wrote:

Hi miss harrison I went on the Danny boat trip and it was amazing I reAlyth think it was interesting and fun I reasy likeed frank and I know hexactly was coming because I went and I hope every one in joys it and theyou shoulike x

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