Gorsewood's Eggsploring Eggsperience

Date: 29th Apr 2016 @ 8:03am

At Gorsewood we have been eggstremely fortunate to be able to watch some baby chicks hatching. The joyful eggsperience has fascinated both pupils and staff.

We have all been given the opportunity to observe, engage with and look after the chicks in a safe environment.

As we say goodbye to the chicks today, they are off to their new home, some of us have reflected on the eggsperience of the past 2 weeks below.

Click this link to see some of the photos in the Eggsploring Gallery http://www.gorsewood.halton.sch.uk/work/eggsploring/15648

If anybody is interested in hatching their own chicks please check out the Eggsploring Website http://www.eggsploring.com/

Or perhaps you may prefer to like their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Eggsploring/

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Miss Piper wrote:

I just love this time of year when we get to hatch our very own chicks. From the initial excitement of just waiting for the eggs to hatch and watching those first wobbly steps as they emerge to trying to keep 6 very energetic chicks in one place for their final photo it has simply been eggstraordinary!

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Faith wrote:

The chicks were fluffy and yellow.

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Kaiden wrote:

The were cute and I liked watching them eat.

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Hannah wrote:

The chicks were really soft and cuddly.

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Sophie-Lea wrote:

The little chicks are really cute. I don't want them to go because I will miss them. I really liked holding them because the were really really fluffy.

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Elsie wrote:

She thought thay we're cute and that they were soft and she thought they were realy fluffy she wants tham to go to the farm so they are happy

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Nathan wrote:

I really enjoyed holding them and seeing them become adult chicks. I like what they looked like.

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Rafael wrote:

Some of the chicks were soft and brown.

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Hidi wrote:

I enjoyed everything another the chicks.I really enjoyed holding them and stroking them.

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Ave wrote:

They looked like fluff balls.I also liked how the chicks were brown and some chicks were yellow.

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Reggie wrote:

He thought they were soft and he thinks thay we're getting feathers and that they were really fluffy he wanted them to stay and he thinks they are cute

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Bethany wrote:

I liked the chicks because they were so soft. I liked them because we had them in our class and we done some learning about them.

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Cody wrote:

They were discusting.Also one pood on me!

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Iain wrote:

I like it when I got to hold them and when we stocked them.I they are really cute and I love there fluffy feathers.

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Paige wrote:

I liked the chick because the were really cute and soft. They are so lovely I just want to hug them forages. I also liked them when the hatch because the are so slimy.

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Ceris wrote:

I liked stroking the chicks; they were soft

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Alfie wrote:

I really enjoyed having them here and I loved stroking them. They were cute and there feathers were fluffy.

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Kacey wrote:

She thought the were very fluffy and they have feathers that feel like skin and they are very fast at running she thinks they were cute and they were easy to pick up

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Ellie wrote:

I liked the chicks because I liked strocking them. I also liked holding them. I also loved feeding them. The chicks feet were really scuishy

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Libbie wrote:

I love the cute, baby chicks! When I was holding one of them, it seemed like it was sitting in my hand and after a while it jumped on to the table out of my hand! It was so adorable! I wish I could keep one.

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