Christingle Rock

Date: 14th Dec 2015 @ 9:40am

KS2 are busy rehearsing Christingle Rock, an exciting new musical that unwraps the meaning of the ancient tradition of Christingle whilst painting a picture of the real meaning of Christmas. We hope you have all collected your tickets and are looking forward to our performances later. 

This special Christingle clip shows some of the lives that are being changed thanks to The Children's Society's work - made possible through Christingle. It includes the story of runaway Robbie, who is now looking forward to a much brighter future. We will be having a silver collection at the end of the performance to raise much needed funds for The Children's Society. 

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Freya wrote:

This is a good video to show kids why we celebrate the christingle and children society 😊

jayne pountain year 5 wrote:

I agree

Macey and alice wrote:

I would hate that to be me !!!

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jayne year 5 wrote:

if you do stuff for other people thats showing respect but this play was all about people sharing and caring for other people so they can have a better Christmas .

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Miss Jackson wrote:

Very thoughtful words girls. I really enjoyed the performance and am so proud of how hard all of the junior children worked - well done!

macey wrote:

How much money did we raise at the end of our performance?

Miss Piper wrote:

I would like to second Miss Jackson as I too was incredibly proud of all of you both in the run up to and during the performance. In answer to your question Macey, you helped raise an impressive £118.50 for the Children's Society and £93.50 for Halton Haven - well done!

Alice and macey wrote:

This is amazing !

Miss S Jackson wrote:

Cheques have now been posted to Halton Haven and the Children's Society. We have also raised £162.00 so far for Text Santa!

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Bethany wrote:

I think this video is a good way to show your friends and family that this is were your money could go .

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Tamikka wrote:

This is a good video to show why we celebrate children's society.

libbie wrote:

It 's great how we raised that much money!

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phoebe wrote:

It was very fun

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Emily wrote:

I think the songs were really good.

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phoebe wrote:

The show was good

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