Extra-Curricular After School Clubs

Autumn Term (Sept to Dec)

Clubs will start week begining 18th September and will run throughout the term finishing on Friday 27th November. All clubs will start at 3.00pm and finish at 4.00pm.

We are also offering an extensive range of lunctime clubs as an alternative to outside play each day including: crochet, library, drama, music & nature clubs.

Day Club Year Details
Tuesday KS2 Choir 3,4,5,6  
Tuesday Creative Art 1,2,3  
Tuesday Construction 2,3,4  
Tuesday KS2 Sports 3,4,5,6 PE Kit needed
Wednesday Drama 5,6  
Thursday Computing 5,6  
Thursday I'm a Survivor! 4,5,6 Outdoor Coat needed
Thursday Indoor Active Games 1,2,3,4 PE Kit needed
Thursday Science 4,5,6  
Friday Board Games 1,2